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In 1991, Esther Levens, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI), brought together more than 200 organizations to educate Americans and others about Israel, the Middle East and radical Islam.

This Coalition, representing millions of people, has served as a clearinghouse for information on Israel, its history and culture, and that of the 22 Arab nations surrounding it.

She has overseen this broad educational outreach to grassroots America by communicating with the secular and religious media, college campuses, the U.S. Presidential Cabinet, the U.S. Congress, the Israeli Knesset and other government officials.


Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s message
to Esther Levens at 2011 BIAV Gala Event

Good evening.

It’s my honor to congratulate a good friend of mine, Esther Levens and the late Vrem Levens on being this year’s Mordechai Award honorees.

I’d also like to personally thank Esther for being such a strong and powerful advocate for the state of Israel. I don’t know anybody that’s been a stronger or more powerful advocate than Esther is. She’s been a friend of mine for many years.

Her husband, Vrem, dedicated his life to the preservation of a homeland for the Jewish people. When he passed on, Esther picked the flag right up and continued her husband’s life work. When she started, there were many organizations in the United States dedicated Israeli security …  but no coalition to effectively channel the various efforts around the country.


The founding of the Israel Unity Coalition was a huge step in changing the way that Americans connect Israel. Now the UCI has brought together more than two hundred organizations from around the country to a rally around a common cause.

Esther truly exemplifies the American spirit as well as the Jewish spirit. Her accomplishments have brought countless amounts of aid to Israel, and her soul has brought countless numbers of people together.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to send this greeting.

Again, congratulations, Esther. You are most deserving of this distinguished award. –  Governor Brownback

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